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Global Adult Tobacco Survey : Indonesia Report 2011: GATS Indonesia

Badan Penelitian dan Pengembangan Kesehatan

Tobacco consumption in Indonesia has increased significantly in the last two decades
due to several factors, such as the  growth of the population, the relatively cheap
price of cigarettes, and aggressive marketing of tobacco industries. Community
Based Surveys such as National Socioeconomic Survey, Baseline Health Research and
Global Adult Tobacco Survey show significant  increase of active male cigarette
smokers in Indonesia, that is from 53.9 % in 1995 to 67.0 % in 2011.
This alarming situation prompted us to improve public policy, to plan a comprehensive tobacco control
program and to propose more strict laws and regulations. Several efforts have been implemented in
Indonesia in the last 15 years, including: periodic increase of tobacco tax, expansion of smoke free
areas and working places, public transport facilities; requirement to put the health warning on
cigarette packaging and restriction on broadcasting time of electronic advertisement.

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